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Our Story and Values

At the heart of Rocking Y Dispensary lies a rich history rooted in family and a commitment to quality cannabis products. Established on land owned by the family since 1919, Casey Young, the owner, inherited this legacy from his great uncle who had purchased it from the Modoc Nation. Recognizing the need for a local dispensary, Casey envisioned creating a space that mirrors the quality and affordability found across state borders. Beyond just a business venture, Rocking Y is Casey’s personal success story—a journey from dependence on prescription medication to embracing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. With a deep connection to the land and a passion for offering quality medication, Rocking Y Dispensary was born.

Our Mission and Future Vision:

Rocking Y Dispensary is guided by a mission to provide prideful and affordable access to top-tier cannabis products. Casey’s commitment is unwavering—he only sells products he would consume himself. As a seasoned broker for the past four years, Casey’s extensive network ensures a diverse and curated selection of the finest cannabis products in the market. The dispensary not only aims to be a reliable source for quality medication but also envisions becoming a hub for education. Looking ahead, Rocking Y hopes to expand its footprint, offering not just a dispensary but an educational space, complete with a grow room for customers to learn and even purchase clones. In this vision, Rocking Y becomes not just a dispensary but a community hub, rooted in history and dedicated to a brighter future.

These values underscore Rocking Y Dispensary’s commitment to quality, community, and education, creating a space where customers can find not just products, but a trusted partner on their cannabis journey.

Casey Young

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Customer Reviews

"This is definitely worth the drive and the staff is super amazing very knowledgeable about what products go with what you need... Prices are Fantastic you will definitely be back for more 😋😋"
Rebecca Berghold
"Fantastic dispensary! All the noses are great on the buds even the low shelf nothing smells bad! Great prices! I have been to a lot of dispensaries and I will say this is the most convenient and the best deal I found within the Northeast Oklahoma area! Its a must check out dispo for great deals!!!"
Herm T